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How it works - Our website is 100% free to use! You can post and message as much as you like on our forums without cost. Simply follow the registration link at the top of the page and join our site, complete a profile and upload a photo.

When you want more you will need to visit one of our partner sites by following the links above (the hot chicks) We did so you can’t miss them! Combined they have over 2 million Aussie members from all parts of Australia. Between them these two sites cater for almost anything you might be looking for, chat, friendship, casual affairs, relationships, romance, adventure, spice, couples dating, fantasy and much more.

Free Membership Offers – When you follow the links from our site you will be able to claim a free membership to Adultmatchmaker or Redhotpie. This will allow you to join, view member profiles, and create your own user profile so that other members can message you. If you choose to upgrade then more features will become available such as chat and messaging.

Which site is for me? – With so many dating sites it can be hard to make a choice so you have to consider your needs carefully. If your looking for a causal one night stand then our partner sites are perfect for this, they cater more to the “casual dating” market than the more serious long term relationship websites.

The actual numbers – Adultmatchmaker claims to be the biggest and has every right to the claim with over 1.9 million registered members. Redhotpie comes in a close second and offers a slightly softer community experience.


The biggest and first of its kind in Australia. Large membership & plenty of active members.

“I’ve met several attractive women through online dating websites, its amazing how many people are online looking for the same things” Max 39 – Perth W

“These sites have thousands of members online at any one time, if your looking for love, casual flings, friendship or just casual chat then this is the way to go. I had my eyes opened all the way once I joined and I can say the results are great” Owen 26 -

Redhotpie Australia

The website offers a large Australian only membership and a strong slant towards adult dating and casual affairs. They also cater for the more mainstream market and the site offers plenty of variety and content.

“I was amazed at the number of hot women hang out on these websites, it beats going to clubs and bars” – Patrick 40 – QLD

“I found it hard to meet single women, the approach and opening line has always been a big problem for me, going online makes things a lot easier.” Paul 30

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